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About Me

Last updated: November 17, 2023

I am born and raised in the United States but after university I took a detour and ended up in the south Pacific nation of Vanuatu. I have enjoyed living here for the past decade but most importantly this is where I have married and have had my first daughter. Having said that, I am currently preparing to move back to states to finally see my family again.

I work for a combined local ISP and subscription TV broadcasting service as a manager of the staff and the technical guy to ensure smooth operation of the business’s infrastructure. However, these responsibilities require only minimal time each week so I fill the remaining hours of my days on software development contracts for local government offices and other local businesses.

In my free time I study and build personal projects for fun. But also to develop new skills and explore areas I don’t have the opportunity to in my day job. For example, some personal projects revolving around computer vision, ML and data science which I wouldn’t normally have exposure to in my day job. I usually work with Python, Javascript, Docker, Ansible, Postgres and many other technologies making me a sort of Full-Stack engineer with a preference for the backend side of the stack. I must work full-stack as where I live does not allow for specialization. You can read about some of my projects in the projects section of this website.

You may notice a large percentage of my work leans towards web development and although it may not be the most efficient or hardcore software sub-field it covers so much of what users want and with the development of Progressive Web Apps I’ve found I can rapidily deliver what my clients need. But, I have aspirations to explore deeper into the fields of machine learning, computer vision, automomous drones and software defined radio to name a few.

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