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South Sea Cargo Driver's App

Offline-First PWA for delivery drivers in remote areas

After transitioning South Sea Cargo from an Excel-based system to a more robust database-driven system, the next challenge was to streamline how delivery updates were reported. Traditionally, these updates were communicated through chat apps, which required manual transcription into the system. To address this, I developed the South Sea Cargo Drivers App, enabling drivers to report container movements directly into the database.

This app is particularly designed for the South Sea Cargo drivers working who regularly make deliveries to remote islands of Vanuatu, where cellular service is unreliable nor non-existent. The app functions independently of network availability, ensuring drivers can always report their status accurately and without delay.

The introduction of this app has significantly eased the workload of office staff who previously spent hours monitoring chat logs and manually entering data and correctly for typos or inexact delivery descriptions. This shift not only enhances efficiency but also reduces the likelihood of errors that could affect delivery tracking and ultimately, the company’s bottom line.


Previously, the client relied on a shared Excel file to monitor inventory, a process that was not only cumbersome but also prone to errors. Miscommunication or missed reports in the chaotic environment of a group chat could lead to significant discrepancies in container’s reported and expected location. At worst, a container could go missing until a driver may come across it again by happenstance, which has occurred.


The solution was a Progressive Web App (PWA) designed with a ‘Offline-First’ approach. This means the app prioritizes offline functionality, allowing drivers to log information into the system without needing an active internet connection. This approach ensures that no data is lost and all entries are synchronized with the central database once a connection is available.


Initial feedback from the app has been overwhelmingly positive. The app has notably reduced the administrative burden on staff, freeing them up for more strategic tasks. This improvement has been a significant step forward in optimizing operational efficiency and freeing resources for future expansion of the information system.

Looking Ahead

The next phase of development will focus on integrating job scheduling directly into the app, allowing drivers to receive and acknowledge their assignments without the need for face-to-face interactions. This enhancement will further streamline operations and improve communication accuracy.

By continuously improving the app, we aim to provide a comprehensive tool that not only simplifies the reporting process but also enhances the overall workflow of South Sea Cargo’s delivery operations.

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