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The Longest Shooting Star

I enjoy sitting outside at night; often times sit on my computer for personal projects. Being in Vanuatu I can enjoy this perk all year long and it also means I’m much more aware of the sun, moon and other things in the sky I wouldn’t pay much mind to if I spent more nights indoors.

Just now I saw the longest shooting star I’ve ever witnessed, and I’ve seen many. From my current vantage, it appeared dead west a tad north of where the sun sets about 15 - 25 degree above the horizon and traveled north across the sky while never really appearing to lose much altitude. I could not say why but it flew towards the northern horizon where it fell out my view 20 - 30 seconds after I spotted it. I comptiplated taking a video but never knew if I would have the time to record it so I didn’t. Anyways, it flashed a couple times and grew in light intensity too a couple times but did not burn out which seems unusual also given its duration in the sky.

I’m curious if there is a website that collects known space debris and meteorites so I can read about what I saw.

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