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Borgmatic Backups with Docker

I am currently implementing BorgBackup for my NAS to meet the recommended 3-2-1 backup strategy. BorgBackup on its own is just a CLI, and on top of it you can use Borgmatic for easier configuration via yaml files rather than manually scripting all the command line flags. But for my NAS I need to deploy Borgmatic with Docker so I’ll be using this borgmatic-docker repo maintained by the same borgmatic team.

Being 3 layers of abstraction deep while trying to learn a new tool made for a few hiccups and what I found online required a combination of sources to piece all the parts together. While I was writing my own notes to document my setup I found this tutorial. It covers everything I needed and with more detail than my own notes so I recommend it for your own borgmatic setup.

I’m using BorgBase for my backups, BTW.

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